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Learning to speak with impact, boldness and a connection to your voice, words and body is essential for career development, as well as for personal relationships.  Listening to someone speak who is fully connected to their vocal and physical presence is an absolute pleasure for any audience or team. Watching someone speak in public who is disconnected to themselves can be torture for both the performer and the audience!

Without this connection, your voice will sound flat and uninteresting and being heard and seen will be a struggle for you. It is vital if you are a leader of people and business that you recognise the need for change.

Whatever your unique issues might be, we will work together from the start of your story to change how you feel about your vocal ability. Also to change how you sound and look to an audience. We will explore how poor communication might be affecting areas of your life and by finding your authenticity, we will unlock your voice and create the happy, confident and successful individual you want to be.

I have a lifetime of experience in voice, acting and stage presence.

I worked extensively as an actress and singer for 25 years after graduating from Drama Studio London and I have a Diploma as a Certified Transformational Life Coach. I am also the Founder and Director of the Skellern School of Speech and Drama where I have taught 1000’s of students for the past 15 years.

Kate Skellern - Brave Voice
It has been my privilege to grow up within the entertainment industry. My father was the talented musician, singer and songwriter Peter Skellern, and he afforded me a deep understanding of working at the top of your game. Working with  leaders as I do now, I find there are many similarities to their world and the creative industry. Pressure is pressure where ever you work.

Learn how to make your voice and words work for you.

Engage your audience. Face public speaking fears and learn how to overcome them.
Reconnect with your true voice and learn how to speak authentically.
Expand your vocal range in order to express yourself dynamically in both your  professional & personal life. 
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Programmes and Sessions Are Tailored to Your Needs

Free Your Voice With Kate Skellern 1-2-1


Voice coaching for presentations and public speaking

Learn the 6 P's - Power | Pitch | Projection | Pronunciation | Pause & PRESENCE! Most people who come to me for help with their voice recognise the need to bring dynamic energy to their words. Tone and variety are so important when you are hoping to engage with your audience and entertain them.

I will teach you how to expand your range, your tone and bring variety and expression to your speeches and presentations.
You will learn how to use Ethos, Logos and Pathos in your content and become a successful orator.

A memorable performance takes place when the performer is 'in the moment and present'. They appear natural and relaxed and yes, you can even enjoy yourself!
I will teach you how to deliver a killer speech or presentation, without anxiety and with confidence that will show in your performance.
This programme is bespoke, time frames can be discussed and agreed. P.O.A


Group coaching, workshops in person and online workshops, for global reach

My workshops are bespoke and can be designed around your teams needs. The workshops that are most popular are:
1- Public speaking and presentations
2- Performing on a panel
3- Confidence on camera P.O.A TESTIMONIALS: "Thank you for creating such a safe and friendly space" - Charlotte
"Today was so productive and I enjoyed and benefitted from it so well" - Robert "The perfect combination of creating content, practice and coaching" - Simon


'Think before you speak' Programme

A 6 session programme that looks at what your ultimate goal is for your performance and your voice.
Why do you feel held back? What is holding you back? How do you move forward?
Your voice is a window into your thoughts. It gives away our secrets, it wobbles, it fails us, it breaks and we find it very hard to disguise our emotions when we speak.

To help you, I combine the 25 years experience I have as a performer and my qualifications as an accredited coach.
You will step forward into a new story.

Join me for this 6 session programme, it will change the way you think and importantly, the way you speak. P.O.A

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Encourage Your Team to Think Creatively, Passionately and Without Fear.

Your voice- Public Speaking Coach

Stepping out on stage can be an overwhelming experience. If you are prepared and practised then that moment can and will feel better. 

Working with me will take you to that place of comfort and stagecraft ease. 

I work with a range of different clients from CEO’s of Global Companies, Senior leaders who wish to elevate their careers or make a stronger impact and  to motivational speakers who are successfully touring the speaking circuit but wish to continually improve their performance.  

I will help you and your business:

  • Discover how to tell any story
  • Be listened to and listen to others with presence
  • Learn how to speak using your gut, head, heart and imagination 
  • Reduce your fight and flight instinct by strengthening your Vagus Nerve
  • Use body language powerfully to enhance your words
  • Learn to use breath support for excellent communication skills
  • Learn how to make an instant vocal and physical impact
  • Have gravitas and control over your voice when you need it most
The Brave Voice Company

Committed Leaders, Actors and Presenters

My clients' sessions are bespoke to their own individual or company’s needs

I work with committed leaders, actors and presenters, those who wish to become outstanding and see change happen.

I work with clients who regularly have to speak or perform in public and want to make an impact that is unforgettable.

Understanding the impact that successful vocal presence can make to your leadership message, is vital in today’s business world. I will coach you 1-2-1 to be an effective, authentic and powerful speaker. This will allow you to represent yourself and your business with strength and passion. 

Kate Skellern - The Brave Voice Company

A long side your script writer I will help you on your leadership message and any text/speech/presentation you may have to make it the very best representation of who you are, or who you want to be. 

My clients know that in order to see real change in themselves or their team, they must be outstanding at these three things:

Knowing their story 

Finding their voice   

        Delivering their message

I Look At Voice Coaching Differently


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